• 14' Porta Bote Alpha 1

A full sized 4 seat Porta-Bote rated for 5 persons.Holds Up to 807 Pounds (367 kg).Accomodates an engine weight up to 89 pounds (40.5 kg) maximum 9.9 hp (Latest Model). Alpha1 is the latest hi-performance line of PortaBotes, incorporating over 40 major engineering advances that allow the craft to be more effecient in performance than the predecessors while still using the same low powered outboards.

Review : One Fantastic Portable Inexpensive Sport Boat - North Dakota

Forget the other polymer boats out there. This is NOT a fly by night company. They stand behind thier product and customer service is friendly, quick, and outstanding both by phone and email. This should be your first and last purchase in this catagory unless you upgrade to a larger Porta-Bote or get a smaller second one. It really fills the bill. This is a treat of a fishing boat that has a strong cult following.Two of my freinds bought these as a waterfowl boat after experiencing mine. The clubs and newgroups are based in California but it seems the boat is mostly popular along both coasts where people use them as dinghys.They are also popular in some of the heartland states too.

Ok I bought this boat and used it this summer. I own a 10 footer and 14 footer. I strap the 10 footer to he top my mini-SUV and use it for still water/resorvoir fishing. The 14 footer I leave docked in the water for use on a major river with a 6-8 knot current.

When boat arrived it came in a heavy cardboard wrap enclosed in a heavy plastic wrap by freight. The seats, oars, and hardware come in a seperate container. The instructions are starightforward but you must first read them carefully. With intial assembly the jounts are stiff so it takes some efforts and a second person is helpful. One dry run is in your backyard is a good idea. I assembled the boat in 45 minutes myself. Subseqauent assemblies were smoother since the joints are not as stiff anymore, taking me only 15-20 minutes. Takedown takes aobut the same amount of time. I initially had some confusion between teh cneter and rear seat that that customer service quickly clarified with a a phone call to them.

Some advice I have in picking a boat.

If you weigh 300 pounds clothed this is not the boat for you. The seats are reated at 300 pounds. Also the 10 footer may not be very stable for a larger guy with others. If you want to take several people along I reccomend the 12--14 footer. These are not that easlily handled by one person. Assembly of these takes no more than 20 minutes also. I use a small outboard on these boats. These boats have lived up the manufacturer's claims and expectations. This is not a speedboat. Though some people use it a a small recreational boat I connot encourage that.My opinio is it is a boat to carry a sportman safely form one point ot another. getting arond in the boat takes some getting used intially but this has not been a major concern for me. I also reccomend you buy their dolly. It is userful in taking yoru boat in and out of the water.

Offwater storage is a major plus. I keep my 10 footer on my mini-SUV during fishing season. For winter storage I folded up both boats and store them edgewise against a wall in my garage where tehy hardly take up any space. Apartment owners love this boat.

Portability: Folds to 4 inches (11cm) flat

Folded width: 24in. (59cm)

Folded Length: 14ft. (4.28m)

Length: 14ft (4.28m)

Beam: 60in. (1.52m)

Max Draft: 4 in (11.4cm)

Dry Weight: 96 lbs. (43.6kg)

Max Seating Capacity: 5

Hull Material: Composite

Hull Shape: Deep Vee

Hull Warranty: 10 years

Engine: Outboard max 83lb (37.7kg)

Freeboard: 1 ft 10in(55.9cm) with load 807 lbs. (367kg)

Deadrise at Transom: 5 deg.

Cruising Speed: 17.26 mph

Top Speed: 23.02 mph

BOAT PRICES INCLUDES, Hull, Seats, Transom, Bow Cap

Average Folded Thickness Front/Rear 3″7.62cm)/7″(17.8cm)
Folded Width: 24in. (59cm)
Width (Beam) When Open 60in.(1.52m)
Draft 4in.(11.4cm)
Depth midship 24in.(56cm)
Hull weight (less seats) 108 lbs. (49kg)
Capacity (person, motor and gear weight) 807lbs. (367kg)
Number of seats 4 Seats
Number of persons 5 Persons
Maximum Gas Engine Weight 89 lbs. (37.7kg)
Shaft Length (Short Shaft) 15″(34.9cm)
Electric Outboard Shaft Length 30″-42″ (76.2-92.4cm)

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14' Porta Bote Alpha 1

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