• 12' Porta Bote Alpha 1

12'6" Porta-bote  has a wide 60" beam, 24" depth midship, and 3 bench seats.  This is the latest hi-performance line of Porta Botes, incorporating over 40 major engineering advances that allow the craft to go 20% faster than its predecessors while still using the same low powered outboards.

Review by Allan Burgess - Southern Fishing & Boating - New Zealand's Premier Fishing & Boating Magazine

The Porta-Bote is a brilliant idea! But like any new idea it takes a bit of getting used to at first. Actually, the Porta-Bote isn't exactly a new idea at all. These craft have been manufactured in the United States, and sold around the world for over 30 years. 

When the Porta-Bote first arrived by courier truck, I must admit to being a little concerned about how time consuming it was going to be to put together!

I also wondered about the durability and toughness of a boat that could be folded into such a small package! 

We quickly removed the extensive packing and set about assembling the 12' 6" model on our front lawn. Having never even seen one before, other than in a photograph, we were delighted to discover that the whole job took little more than 15 minutes. With practice it was easy to see that this time could be reduced considerably. Dis assembly took us just four minutes. The whole boat is locked together with stainless steel lock pins, bolts and wing nuts - you don't even need a spanner.

As you can see in the pictures the Porta-Bote is put together by first "opening" the hull. It is spring-loaded to some extent, and so requires you to hold it open with your leg until you get the centre seat in place. According to the instructions, the Porta-Bote hull is stiffer in cooler weather and so requires more effort to open. 

With the middle seat in place it is a simple matter to bolt the transom inside the bladder, and then insert the two remaining seats. The whole business is simplicity itself. Even if you were no good at making model aeroplanes as a kid, I can promise you that you'll have no trouble at all with this. We couldn't wait to try the Porta-Bote out and were soon off to the Kaiapoi River.

The Porta-Bote hull is designed to fold down to a package just 4'' thick, and so can easily be transported on a car roof-rack. Space saving on storage is another obvious advantage of being able to fold the Porta-Bote down to such a convenient package. It would be ideal for anyone living in a high-rise apartment, or townhouse, because it could be stored against the inside wall of your garage, or tied to the rafters, unlike a tinnie. You neighbours wouldn't even know you had a boat! 

Portability: Folds to 4 inches (11cm) 

Folded width 24in. (59cm)

Folded Length 12ft-6 in. (3.85m)

Length: 12 ft 6(3.85m) in LOA

Beam: 5 ft (1.52)

Max Draft: 4 in (11.4cm)

Dry Weight: 68 lb(30.8kg)(less seats) 

Max Seating Capacity: 4 

Hull Material: Composite 

Hull Shape: Deep Vee 

Hull Warranty: 10 years

Engine: Outboard 54lbs. (24kg) 

Free board: 1 ft 10in(55.9cm) with load  670 lb(330kg)

Dead rise at Transom: 5 deg.

Cruising Speed: 17.26 mph

Top Speed: 23.02 mph

BOAT PRICES INCLUDES, Hull, Seats, Transom, Bow Cap 

Average Folded Thickness Front/Rear 3″(7.62cm)/7″(17.8cm)
Folded Width: 24in. (59cm)
Width (Beam) When Open 60in.(1.52m)
Draft 4in.(11.4cm)
Depth midship 24in.(56cm)
Hull weight (less seats) 87 lbs. (39.5kg)
Capacity (person, motor and gear weight) 670lbs. (305kg)
Number of seats 3 Seats
Number of persons 4 Persons
Maximum Gas Engine Weight 56lbs. (25.5kg)
Shaft Length (Short Shaft) 15″ (34.9cm)
Electric Outboard Shaft Length 30″-42″ (76.2 -92.4cm)

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12' Porta Bote Alpha 1

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